The metaverse, the latest evolution of the internet, is an umbrella term for three-dimensional virtual environments. It’s a space where individuals and companies can connect, actively take part in social and cultural events, and do business – navigating with the help of virtual avatars.

The metaverse market is booming, creating exciting opportunities to tap into new global revenue streams. Companies can give immersive, interactive product presentations in 3D, buy and sell digital assets and products (NFTs) and host events in virtual worlds. However, this virtual space is still largely unregulated and lacks a uniform legal framework.

This raises a wide range of highly complex legal questions for businesses operating in this arena – and those preparing to.

We help clients successfully implement their metaverse projects – tackling the many legal obstacles, developing legally sound solutions to unresolved issues, and advising on how to avoid potential pitfalls.

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Virtual reality – the legal issues surrounding the metaverse
Gleiss Lutz becomes first leading German business law firm to open office in Metaverse
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