A Partnership

of outstanding Personalities

our Values

A blend of a feeling for quality, an enthusiasm for innovation, a supreme level of performance, a sense of belonging together, and tradition is what sets the culture of Gleiss Lutz apart. For decades we have been unwavering in our commitment to our values of excellence, individuality, partnership, and internationality.



The pursuit of outstanding quality is an integral part of the Gleiss Lutz culture.

Gleiss Lutz’s lawyers are always counted among the best in their field. And the firm focussed on specialisation from the very beginning, seeing this as a necessary condition for delivering supreme quality.

For us, however, excellent legal advice is not just a matter of supreme specialist ability and academic brilliance. Understanding the client and his challenges, reliability, accessibility, pragmatism, efficiency, and flexibility – our maxim is to breathe life into these words in our day-to-day dealings with our clients.



The legal profession is a people business. Gleiss Lutz gives first-class lawyers the freedom to increase their individual strengths and constantly work on their individual development. We are not looking for streamlined, to-the-line lawyers, rather for strong personalities who will not only give our clients excellent legal advice but will also stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them and support through all the challenges of constantly shifting circumstances.



Gleiss Lutz is a partnership. For us this is more than merely an issue of our legal form. The success of our firm is due in great part to the trusting manner in which our lawyers deal with one another. The partnership principle is for us, however, not just a matter of establishing an equal footing for everyone within our firm: we strive also to establish long-term partnerships with our clients, built on respect and mutual trust.



From its very beginnings Gleiss Lutz has had an international outlook. For decades our firm has maintained close ties with leading independent law firms around the world, advising on major international transactions even in its earliest history. Every day our lawyers work on cross-border mandates, with internationality playing an integral role in their working lives.

Michael Arnold and Alexander Schwarz, Managing Partner, Gleiss Lutz

“Gleiss Lutz is a partnership of top lawyers who enjoy working together and share a passion for protecting clients' interests. We combine mutual respect with a commitment to the highest legal standards.”