Excellence has a name

Gleiss Lutz

Pursuit of Excellence

Passion gives the edge

Leading companies, large family businesses, and public institutions all around the world place their trust in the expertise of Gleiss Lutz. This trust is earned through our unconditional commitment to providing highest-quality legal services based on the tight interplay of expertise, experience, and industry knowledge. Clients also appreciate our efficiency, the high availability they can expect from us, and the clarity in communication that is a standard aspect of working with Gleiss Lutz.

Full Service Plus

because results are all that matters

Gleiss Lutz offers full service at the highest level. We aspire to be among the market leaders in every field of the law. What particularly sets us apart is our lawyers’ holistic approach: they are always aware of aspects to the right and left of their own legal area. If required, partners will pull experts from all relevant areas of the law into a project on an ad hoc basis. Working in individually tailored teams, we develop innovative solutions and recommendations for action for even the most difficult and complex issues that companies find themselves facing.

Exceeding Expectations

The yardstick of our performance

The success of our clients is our ultimate goal. Personal, continuous support of mandate and client is therefore a bedrock component of our approach to providing legal advice. We want to understand our clients, their challenges, and their respective market environment to the fullest extent possible so that we can develop comprehensive, across-the-board, optimal solutions for them. Therefore we invest time and attention in meaningful, long-term relationships.

Service orientation is a top priority for us in our work with clients. Plain language, pragmatic solutions, and maximum availability characterise our work. Our small, individually tailored German or international teams are as big as necessary and as slim as possible. As one of the largest law firms in Germany, we have the necessary clout for complex projects.

Made in Germany

At home at a global stage

A particular strength of our firm lies in our extensive, tightly knit international network. For decades we have maintained close personal relationships with leading law firms around the world. We provide one-stop-shop support to clients on complex international projects and, as an independent law firm, have the flexibility to work with the best partners for any specific project. We are not bound to our own international offices or to any particular law firms, rather for each mandate can select the lawyers who will deliver the highest quality in their respective areas of the law and jurisdictions. Our goal is to deliver a perfect service in every sense of the term.




Gleiss Lutz has traditionally occupied a leading position in the German legal industry. To this end, we are always looking to the future and at how emerging issues will affect our work. For decades our firm has played an active role in contributing to case law and to legislative developments. Our clients trust us when it comes to moving into new legal territory. With our proactive, forward-looking, and innovative approach to providing legal advice, we look ahead to emerging topics such as industry 4.0, digitisation, automation, crowd working, and alternative mobility concepts, and provide support to the industries of the future and to companies in the start-up scene. 

Even as a company, our firm is at the cutting edge: topics such as diversity, flexible working time models, and collaboration are not only discussed at Gleiss Lutz but actively promoted and developed. It should also be noted that our firm is among the absolute pioneers of the industry in terms of ​​legal tech. Digitisation, automation, and the use of artificial intelligence in the provision of legal advice are decisive emerging issues for us, to which we are responding with a clear strategy, embracing and breathing life into them with our own innovative projects. New technologies are thereby enabling us to make our work with clients ever more efficient.


More than 350 lawyers, including 87 partners.

Full Service

Integrated advice on all aspects of business law.


Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Brussels, London and Metaverse.


Leading German and international businesses, numerous DAX-listed companies, large medium-sized enterprises, and public authorities.

International Network

One-stop-shop support to clients on international projects, drawing on our close relationships with leading international law firms.


Awards from and recommendations by renowned publishing houses regularly confirm our outstanding position in the market.