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Metaverse exhibition: Gleiss Lutz presents “Visuals from the Sea” by artist Julia Ochs

Gleiss Lutz today launched the Gleiss Lutz Virtual Art Gallery, a digital art experience. The gallery – an extension of the firm's Metaverse office – will offer artists a platform to both present their work and bring their issues to a larger audience, all for a good cause. The inaugural exhibition is “Visuals from the Sea" by Stuttgart artist Julia Ochs, which runs until 28 February 2023.

“Visuals from the Sea" is a photo series in which Julia Ochs takes us on a visual journey to the coast and into the ocean. Her photographs explore the world's oceans in their many facets, colours and forms. Through her art, Ochs works to raise awareness for protecting the ocean and invites the observer to reflect on the significance and transience of nature.

Visitors can also purchase NFTs of the photos exhibited, with 50% of the profits to be donated to organisations working to protect the ocean. The exhibition also allows you to make a direct donation to Pro Ocean, an organisation dedicated to the fight against marine plastic pollution. “If you want to draw attention to important issues, it pays to be innovative – and I think this digital exhibition is a great way for me to use my art to increase awareness for protecting the ocean," said Ochs.

“We're excited to be able to use our metaverse presence to provide a platform and support this artist's project with both our legal and our technical expertise," said Gleiss Lutz co-managing partner Dr. Alexander Schwarz. “ESG plays a central role for us as a firm, so it was important to us to use the first exhibition at the Gleiss Lutz Virtual Art Gallery to draw attention to such an important sustainability issue," said co-managing partner Prof. Michael Arnold.

The “Visuals from the Sea" exhibition will be open from 15 December 2022 to 28 February 2023. You can visit our Metaverse office and the Gleiss Lutz Virtual Art Gallery here:

In July 2022, Gleiss Lutz became the first leading German business law firm to open an office in the metaverse. The firm deals extensively with the variety of interdisciplinary issues that arise in the virtual world, both when working with clients and through legal articles and presentations.​