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Gleiss Lutz metaverse office features at special exhibition at Deutsches Museum in Nuremberg

Visitors to the special exhibition “Metaverse: Phenomenal Digital?”, which opens today at the Deutsches Museum in Nuremberg, are able to explore the metaverse – the future of the internet – from a technological, economic, legal and social perspective. Visitors will also learn why Gleiss Lutz was the first leading business law firm to open a metaverse office and start providing advice there.

A video installation featuring Prof. Eric Wagner, resident partner at the Gleiss Lutz metaverse office, explains the significance of the metaverse for legal advisory services from a business law firm’s viewpoint and why Gleiss Lutz opened an office there in July 2022:

“The metaverse is a megatrend in digitalisation and offers companies a wealth of exciting opportunities in a completely new, virtual environment. We not only provide clients with comprehensive advice on the many legal issues that arise in the digital space – we also advise from our Gleiss Lutz metaverse office, which opened in 2022. The enquiries we receive and clients’ concerns about digital interaction are many and various and there is a considerable need for advice.” 

Relocating business activities to the metaverse raises numerous legal issues in uncharted territory. As Prof. Wagner comments, “These range from everyday business issues such as data protection and employment to the safety of artificial intelligence to the legal classification of decentralised autonomous organisations as a specific type of company. They affect extensive areas of daily life and the digital economy, and we see it as our task to be the thought leader in answering these questions.” 

The thought-provoking exhibition runs until 22 September 2024 and invites visitors to examine the opportunities and potential, as well as the social and legal challenges, of the metaverse. It also features a supporting programme of interactive workshops, including a ‘Future Chat’ with Eric Wagner and other experts that will be streamed on the internet on 20 February 2024.