New Approches

born of Tradition

In 1949 Alfred Gleiss laid the foundation for what is today one of Germany's most renowned international law firms. He believed in the values of excellence, individuality, partnership, and internationality. These values have supported a history of success spanning more than seven decades. To this day they remain a fundamental component of the unique culture at our law firm. Since its founding, Gleiss Lutz has grown from a boutique operation specialising in antitrust law, operating nationwide out of an office in Stuttgart, to a full-service, large-scale law firm with more than 350 lawyers operating in all areas of business law in Germany and internationally out of nine offices.

  • 2022

    Metaverse Office opens

    Gleiss Lutz becomes the first leading German business law firm to open an office in the metaverse.

  • 2022

    London Office opens

    Gleiss Lutz becomes the first leading German business law firm to open an office in the metaverse.

  • 2020

    Strategic Development

    The firm realigns its organisational structure to cater to complex, cross-practice cases and focuses on the increasing importance of regulatory and compliance and high-volume transactions. The strategic focus shifts to an interdisciplinary approach that allows the firm to best deliver on its full service philosophy.

  • 2018

    Digital Future

    Many companies consider digitalisation to be the key opportunity for their business – but an area not without its legal challenges. Gleiss Lutz and its cross-disciplinary think tank assist with the legal issues associated with digital future technologies. The firm also continues to expand its prestigious Legal Operations & Legal Tech department.

  • 2017

    German Law Firm of the Year

    The three internationally renowned specialist publications The Lawyer, Chambers & Partners, and IFLR each name Gleiss Lutz the best German law firm of 2017.

  • 2013

    European Network

    Gleiss Lutz establishes its “European Network” with the leading European law firms Chiomenti, Cuatrecasas, and Gide, thereby bringing together more than 2,000 lawyers in 21 countries. The law firms collaborate closely, but not exclusively, and have extensive joint experience in complex international projects.

  • 2010

    Hamburg Office opens

    With the opening of the Hamburg office Gleiss Lutz now has premises in all of Germany’s major commercial centres.

  • 2009

    Düsseldorf Office opens

  • 2001

    Munich Office opens

  • 2000

    New Structures

    The organisational challenges created by the growth of the law firm require new organisational structures: the introduction of a managing partner, reporting to a seven-member board, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the firm.

  • 1990

    Frankfurt und Berlin Offices open

  • 1980


    Gleiss Lutz starts putting together its international network. Partners at the firm begin systematically establishing and maintaining relationships with leading corporate law firms worldwide. Regular cooperation in cross-border projects strengthens these relationships.

  • 1970


    The 1970s are marked by the firm’s strong growth, by its involvement in high-profile court proceedings, and by mandates that enable Gleiss Lutz to leave its mark on the German legal system. By the end of the decade Gleiss Lutz has completed its transformation into a full-service law firm.

  • 1962

    Brussels Office opens

    Gleiss Lutz is the first German law firm to open an office in Brussels in response to the European Economic Community’s newly minted antitrust law. The opening of this office also signals the early international orientation of the law firm.

  • 1949

    Founding of the Firm

    On April 1, 1949, Alfred Gleiss founds his “Office for Decartelisation and Competition Issues” in Stuttgart. By specialising in a single area of the law – antitrust – he discovers a gap in the market, thereby laying the groundwork for the firm’s future success.