ESG: Environment – Social – Governance

Public Law

Ecological conscience, social sustainability and human rights are increasingly becoming the yardsticks against which business finds itself measured. But this development is not new, especially in the context of public law and regulatory law. The challenges it brings with it are taking on a new relevance, however, with CSR (corporate social responsibility) and ESG (environmental social governance) now forming specific aspects of corporate strategy.

From a regulatory and public law perspective, the heading ESG often conceals "classic" environmental law subjects, such as emissions protection and major accidents law, waste disposal law and water law, nature conservation law and many other areas. In addition, there have been numerous new developments like the Act on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains (Lieferketten­sorgfalts­pflichten­gesetz) and specific climate protection-related issues, such as federal and regional climate protection legislation as well as measures concerning the energy and transport transition, such as the expansion of emissions trading to include the fuel sector and, in future, other sectors. Development continues to be very dynamic in these areas and is also significantly driven by European legislation.

As a leading law firm in the area of regulation and public business law, we are used to handling these issues. Our extensive experience assisting our clients vis-à-vis the authorities and before the courts pays off in particular when it comes to dealing – as a company – with the increasingly dynamic nature of ESG-related issues in this area.

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