Product liability in practice 2016

It meanwhile has tradition: With our “Product liability in practice” series which is held on a regular basis we inform you of new developments in this area, provide insights into actual practice and assist you in recognizing risks and pitfalls at an early stage. This year we organized a special programme with global reach. Responsibility for product safety does not stop at the German border. On the contrary: in so-called “high-risk countries” as the U.S. the risks for your company may sometimes turn out to be higher than in Germany. It is therefore important for you to ensure having access to the best possible protection against risks abroad and to be prepared for the event of a crisis. We have therefore invited some of our best-friend law firms we closely cooperate with in cross-border product liability cases to introduce you to the basics of national product liability law in the U.S., France, Spain and Italy in short lectures followed by discussions. The lectures will have special focus on risk avoidance strategies within the framework of preventive product liability and on special aspects of recall management in the event of a crisis.

Frankfurt 12:00 AM 04.02.2016
Munich 12:00 AM 03.02.2016