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In the area of commercial law Gleiss Lutz provides comprehensive advice on German and international high-value projects. This includes, in particular, the structuring and establishment of purchasing and sales and distribution channels, representing clients in the negotiation of important contracts, the enforcement and defence of claims in contractual, liability, and commercial litigation proceedings before national courts and arbitration tribunals, the establishment of contract management systems, the preventive development of risk avoidance strategies, and the provision of support in crisis situations, such as in situations necessitating product recalls. We also have an extensive track record in increasingly important newer areas such as e-commerce and industry 4.0. Here we provide advice with an eye on the future and with a deep understanding of the emerging relevant issues.

Many of our cases are at the interface of various areas of the law, in particular general commercial and contract, antitrust, IP, IT, compliance, regulatory, dispute resolution, and data protection law. As a leading full-service law firm, we cover all relevant areas of a project at the highest level, working with our clients to develop optimal solutions.

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Contract negotiation and drafting

Gleiss Lutz has been successfully advising clients in Germany and overseas on the drafting of complex contracts and representing them in particularly difficult contractual negotiations for decades.

We regularly support clients in pivotal negotiations in emerging legal areas and thus contribute to the determination of new industry standards, for example in the area of autonomous driving and in the expansion of food delivery services in Germany.

Procurement and distribution networks

For decades we have been supporting our clients in the development of purchasing and sales structures worldwide. We also advise them on the development of contract management systems and on the training of senior managers and decision-makers in this area.

We advise on current major issues and provide support for cross-border large-scale projects. This includes advising on (international) selective sales and distribution and conditions systems, the introduction of new sales and distribution channels, online sales and e-commerce, compliance issues, sales cooperations, the negotiation of framework sales and distribution contracts, and the resolution of disputes with trade representatives and sales and distribution partners in an international context.

E-commerce and industry 4.0

We have been active for many years in all areas of e-commerce and Internet law. We also have a long track record in newer areas, such as industry 4.0 and autonomous driving. We support the establishment of online shopping sites and identify solutions for the special legal challenges presented by e-commerce.

Working closely with our clients, we draw up new online terms of use, review processes from a legal point of view, and adapt terms of use drafted in accordance with foreign law to the requirements of German law, in particular of German consumer protection law. Other points of focus in this area for us are financial services provision and Internet payment processes as well as data protection issues.


We have extensive expertise in the representation of our clients in disputes in the area of commercial law, such as disputes relating to contractual law, liability cases, cases involving recourse claims, and mass proceedings.

We have a deep understanding of sector-specific issues and of the technical aspects of such cases and have for decades been successfully representing our clients before national courts and international arbitral tribunals.

Risk and crisis management

For decades Gleiss Lutz has been among the leading legal advisers in the area of product liability and product safety. Our services include  preventive advice and the development of risk avoidance and recall strategies,  product safety and product certification and the drafting and negotiation of quality assurance agreements, as well as interacting with insurers and handling litigation in product liability cases.

We manage and coordinate worldwide recall campaigns and direct companies safely through crises in the event of an emergency. We help our clients avoid mistakes when communicating with the authorities domestically and overseas and minimise criminal and administrative risks.

Foreign trade law

Gleiss Lutz’s activities in the area of foreign trade and the EU market regulation includes, for example, representing companies before the authorities and courts and advising and representing them in investigatory and fine proceedings.

We structure company-internal sales and distribution models and contract relationships with suppliers and customers in accordance with external trade regulations. We also advise on customs and investment protection issues. Last but not least, our  legal advice also covers issues of foreign trade law in the contexts of transactions and M&A, export control and financial sanctions, and investment control.

Sector expertise

Gleiss Lutz’s commercial practice covers a wide range of industries, and our partners can rely on its comprehensive expertise and experience in as well as detailed knowledge of individual sectors.

It is particularly strongly anchored in the automotive, trade, industry, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, and food and consumer goods sectors.

Global Reach

We advise our clients worldwide in international projects of all kinds. For this we can fall back on a flexible and proven international network.

We maintain close contacts with leading law firms all over the world that have outstanding commercial expertise. We are, as a consequence, always able to put together the best international team with respect to the legal task at hand and to deliver advice as a one-stop-shop service provider.


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