ESG: Environment – Social – Governance

Green Finance

The major social issues of climate change and sustainability have in the meantime become important components of our financing advice. Sustainable financing is how a company finances its response to the global issues of climate change and sustainability (ESG - environmental, social, and governance).

Whether the purpose of a financing is aimed at achieving these objectives (“use of proceeds”) or whether the conditions of the financing are linked to compliance with essential criteria (sustainability-linked): We assist our clients with all the key issues in the area of green finance, including providing advice on the structuring of such criteria within the scope of the financing documentation. This also includes the different requirements placed on certain types of financing, whether loan, debt financing or promissory notes. Hybrid financing models in which a conventional financing is combined with a sustainable financing, e.g. by means of different tranches, are often the desired option. We advise on the quickly evolving framework conditions and their implementation in the documentation, whereby the rapidly changing market resources constitute an essential element of our advising.

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