ESG: Environment – Social – Governance

As ESG becomes a stronger strategic focus for companies, they are increasingly held to higher standards in terms of environmental awareness and social responsibility. There are many reasons for this: new legislative requirements in various countries, including Germany and at EU level; increased demands by investors on potential investments; and finally, the general public debate, which marks a change in societal attitudes.

As a result, small and large companies alike need to quickly ramp up their efforts in this area, setting up a system to ensure compliance with the relevant legal requirements as part of their corporate risk avoidance strategy. We help clients achieve this goal. ESG spans a broad range of topics and continuously raises numerous and novel legal issues. We help our clients implement a wide range of ESG measures and activities.

EU Supply Chain Act: Rapporteur Lara Wolters proposes significant tightening of the draft directive
EU supply chains conference: “It’s not about ticking a box”
European Commission’s proposed directive on corporate sustainability due diligence
Legal Joint Paper
Corporate due diligence duties within the EU framework on sustainable corporate governance
Gleiss Lutz advises Northern Data in connection with the acquisition of server systems with some 223,000 GPUs from for a total price of approximately EUR 365 million
Gleiss Lutz advises Northern Data on its acquisition of a green data centre for high-performance computing in Sweden
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