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Foreign investment control and merger control in M&A

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Regulatory requirements have become increasingly important in the European deal environment over the last few years. Whilst the M&A community is used to the relevance of antitrust filings, foreign investment control (FIC) is today equally important for deals, especially those involving non-EU investors. In the third edition of the IBA Corporate and M&A Law Committee Podcasts, Petra Linsmeier, Head of Antitrust at Gleiss Lutz, and Jacob von Andreae, FIC partner at Gleiss Lutz, discuss recent trends and issues relating to antitrust and FIC requirements and clearance proceedings and how the players involved deal with these challenges, both from a buyer and from a seller perspective. The discussion is moderated by Ralf Morshäuser, Head of M&A at Gleiss Lutz and currently the Education Officer of the IBA Corporate and M&A Law Committee.