"Best gender diversity initiative by national firm"

European Women in Business Law Awards 2014


A partnership of outstanding personalities

A blend of quality awareness, will to innovate, readiness to perform, group spirit, and tradition is what sets the culture of Gleiss Lutz apart. For decades we have been committed to the values of excellence, individuality, the spirit of partnership, and internationalism.


Professionalism, thoroughness, academic brilliance: Our drive to deliver outstanding quality is fundamental to who we are. Gleiss Lutz’s lawyers are always among the best in their respective field. Already in its earliest years, the firm started focussing on specialisation – an indispensable condition for ensuring the highest quality. For Gleiss Lutz, quality means not just legal excellence. Above all, it means our always being there for our clients.


Delivering legal advice is a people business. Gleiss Lutz gives first-rate lawyers the space to grow and become exceptional. Lawyers who toe the line and seek conformity hold little interest for us. What we look for are strong personalities who not only provide excellent advice but can also stand shoulder-to-shoulder with clients in the face of the most challenging and complex issues that companies face today.


Gleiss Lutz is a partnership. For us this means more than just a legal entity. The success of our firm is based to a large extent on the fair and trusting way in which our lawyers work with each other. For us, the notion of partnership characterises not just a certain egalitarianism within our firm, but also the long-term relationships we strive to maintain with our clients, built on respect and mutual trust.


From the very beginning, Gleiss Lutz has always had an international focus. In 1962 we were the first German law firm to open an office in Brussels, and we advised on some of the first major cross-border deals. For decades, Gleiss Lutz has maintained close ties with leading independent law firms across the globe.

Gleiss Lutz - Diversity and anti-discrimination policy