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List of partners
Information pursuant to Section 5 German Telemedia Act and Sections 2 and 3 German Ordinance on the Duty to Provide Information on Services
The information on this website within the meaning of § 5 TMG is provided by the law firm Gleiss Lutz Hootz Hirsch PartmbB Rechtsanwälte, Steuerberater (AG Stuttgart PR 136), with the partners named below. Gleiss Lutz's identification number for the purposes of section 27a Value-added Tax Act is DE147522069.

Partners marked with an asterisk are both lawyers and notaries; partners marked with a hash are both lawyers and tax advisors.

Berlin Office
Prof. Dr. Christoph Moench (certified administrative law attorney), Dr. Detlef Schmidt*, Christian Steinke*, Dr. Stefan Lingemann* (certifed labour law attorney), Dr. Stefan Weidert LL.M. (certified intellectual property and IT law attorney), Dr. Reimar Buchner (certified administrative and medical law attorney), Dr. Johannes Niewerth LL.M. (certified administrative law attorney), Dr. Tobias Boecken, Dr. Andreas Neun (certified administrative law attorney), Hans-Hermann Rösch*, Dr. Martin Viciano Gofferje.

Friedrichstrasse 71, 10117 Berlin
T +49 30 800979-0
F +49 30 800979-979

Düsseldorf Office
Dr. Burghard Hildebrandt, Dr. Alexander Schwarz M.Jur, Dr. Matthias Sonntag (certified intellectual property law attorney), Dr. Steffen Krieger (certified labour law attorney), Dr. Martin Raible MALD, Dr. Thomas Menke, Martin Hitzer, Dr. David Quinke LL.M., Dr. Jacob von Andreae M.A.


Dreischeibenhaus 1, 40211 Düsseldorf
T +49 211 54061-0
F +49 211 54061-111

Frankfurt Office
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Baeck (certified labour law attorney), Dr. Wolfgang Bosch, Dr. Hoimar von Ditfurth, Dr. Bernhard Busch, Dr. Michael Marquardt#, Dr. Detlef Bauer, Dr. Burkhard Jäkel (certified tax attorney), Dr. Cornelius Götze LL.M.*, Dr. Doris-Maria Schuster (certified labour law attorney), Dr. Thomas Winzer, Dr. Jan Bauer, Dr. Stefan Rützel LL.M., Dr. Helge Kortz LL.M., Dr. Eva Reudelhuber, Dr. Maximilian von Rom, Dr. Tim Weber, Dr. Stephan Aubel, LL.M., Dr. Patrick Kaffiné LL.M., Dr. Cornelia Topf, Dr. Stefan Mayer#, Dr. Kai Arne Birke, Dr. Andrea Leufgen, Frank Schlobach LL.M., Dr. Eike Bicker LL.M., Dr. Christian v. Köckritz

Taunusanlage 11, 60329 Frankfurt
T +49 69 95514-0
F +49 69 95514-198

Hamburg Office
Dr. Fred Wendt, Dr. Jörn Wöbke LL.M., Dr. Patrick Mossler LL.M., Dr. Johann Wagner LL.M.#, Dr. Urszula Nartowska.

Hohe Bleichen 19, 20354 Hamburg
T +49 40 460017-0
F +49 40 460017-28

Munich Office
Dr. Ingo Brinker LL.M., Dr. Rainer Loges LL.M., Peter Steffen Carl, Dr. Andreas Wehlau LL.M. (certified intellectual property law attorney), Dr. Petra Linsmeier, Dr. Ralf Morshäuser, Dr. Jan Balssen LL.M., Dr. Jens Günther.

Karl-Scharnagl-Ring 6, 80539 Munich
T +49 89 21667-0
F +49 89 21667-111

Stuttgart Office
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wegen LL.M., Prof. Dr. Gerhard Röder (certified labour law attorney), Prof. Dr. Clemens Weidemann (certified administrative law attorney), Dr. Martin Schockenhoff, Dr. Stefan Völker, Dr. Marcus Dannecker (certified administrative law attorney), Prof. Dr. Martin Diller (certified labour law attorney), Dr. Hansjörg Scheel LL.M., Dr. Katrin Haußmann (certified labour law attorney), Dr. Matthias Karl LL.M., Dr. Dirk Wasmann, Dr. Andreas Spahlinger, Dr. Stephan Wilske LL.M., Dr. Ulrich Soltész LL.M., Dr. Achim Dannecker#, Dr. Gabriele Roßkopf LL.M., Dr. Christian Cascante LL.M., Prof. Dr. Michael Arnold, Dr. Christian Steinle, Dr. Michael Burian LL.M., Dr. Ulrich Denzel LL.M., Dr. Jochen Tyrolt, Dr. Alexander Werder LL.M.#, Dr. Christian Arnold LL.M., Dr. Marco König, Dr. Eric Wagner, Dr. Vera Rothenburg, Dr. Adrian Bingel LL.M., Dr. Moritz Holm-Hadulla, Dr. Matthias Tresselt.

Lautenschlagerstrasse 21, 70173 Stuttgart
T +49 711 8997-0
F +49 711 855096

All partners of Gleiss Lutz are admitted to the bar in Germany and are members of the bar association at their respective location.

Partners who are tax advisors (marked with a hash) or notaries (marked with an asterisk) as well as lawyers are admitted in Germany as tax advisors and notaries, respectively, and are members of the relevant chambers at their respective location.

Professional Liability Insurance
Allianz Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft
Königinstrasse 28, 80802 Munich
Territory: worldwide
Professional Codes of Practice

The relevant professional rules and regulations for lawyers can be accessed and viewed under the "Berufsrecht" section of the Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer website ( These include, in particular, the following:

Tax advisors
The relevant professional rules and regulations for tax advisors can be accessed and viewed at the website of the Bundessteuerberaterkammer ( These include, in particular, the following:

The relevant professional rules and regulations for notaries can be accessed and viewed at the website of the Bundesnotarkammer ( These include, in particular, the following:

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
Lawyers are prohibited by professional regulations from representing conflicting interests (section 43a (4) of the Federal Regulations for Lawyers (BRAO)). Therefore, before an engagement is accepted, a conflict of interests check will be carried out.

The information on this website serves to present the law firm of Gleiss Lutz. It does not constitute legal advice, nor can it be a substitute for legal advice. Gleiss Lutz does not accept any liability for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the content provided on this website. The same applies to the contents of external websites to which this website directly or indirectly refers by means of hyperlinks and over which Gleiss Lutz has no influence.