"That team ... is one of the best regarded in Germany."

GAR 100, 2013

Dispute Resolution

Gleiss Lutz is a market leader in complex business law proceedings and arbitration. The focus of our work for German and international clients is on the laws covering business activity, financial markets, and capital markets, on questions of product liability, contract disputes, energy law, contractual disputes and litigation relating to M&A transactions, and on plant engineering projects, restructurings, and insolvencies.

Strategic advice

A key part of our practice involves providing strategic advice on intrinsically contentious matters, as well as handling legal project management. In the event of (impending) disputes, we develop a comprehensive conflict resolution strategy. We establish the facts, weigh up the risks and benefits of taking the matter to court or arbitration, identify alternatives, and prepare detailed analyses of the associated risks and costs. Together with our clients, we then develop and implement solutions that serve their best interests. In this connection, one of our core strengths is in coordinating and handling civil, criminal, and regulatory proceedings. Working in integrated teams, our lawyers also conduct internal compliance investigations to uncover potential corporate violations, liaising with law enforcement agencies and regulatory authorities wherever necessary. We assist with the implementation of measures and advise on the enforcement and defence against claims. To encourage the amicable settlement of disputes, we support and represent clients in negotiations and alternative dispute resolution proceedings, such as mediation. 


Litigation is an element of our dispute resolution practice upon which we place great value. We have offices in all major commercial centres and court venues across Germany. Our team focuses on complex legal disputes. These range from cases involving a particularly challenging subject matter or requiring extensive legwork and coordination, to multidisciplinary legal issues, test cases under the German Act on Model Proceedings in Capital Market Disputes, and the defence of class and collective actions. Wherever necessary, we obtain court injunctions to protect our clients’ interests. And if there is a risk of assets being (fraudulently) transferred, we call on the services of specialist detective agencies to help investigate and seize these in Germany and abroad, drawing on our international network of partner firms, as required. Our legal services further include advising on communications, assisting with shareholders’ meetings, representing clients vis-à-vis litigation financing companies and insurance providers, preparing second opinions on the prospects of winning legal disputes, and supervising litigation. 


Gleiss Lutz advises and represents clients in domestic and international arbitration proceedings. Our lawyers also frequently serve as arbitrators. We have extensive practical experience of dealing with all the major institutional arbitration organisations and with the established arbitrators. We also have a strong track record in arbitration relating to joint ventures, M&A, financial transactions, sales and distribution, and plant engineering. Other key areas include price adjustment proceedings in the energy sector and investment arbitration proceedings involving German investors. And in court, we advise and represent clients in proceedings for the recognition and enforcement of – or actions to set aside – arbitration awards.

Cross-border disputes

Gleiss Lutz regularly handles cross-border legal disputes, in particular those with a US-dimension. In addition to advising and representing international clients in Germany, we assist clients with proceedings before foreign courts. This includes the taking of evidence in Germany (e.g. US-style discovery or examination of witnesses), as well as serving as experts on German law, questions of jurisdiction, or the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards.