"Gleiss Lutz has impressive depth and breadth, with ‘outstanding practitioners’ at numerous offices …"

Legal 500, 2011


A tainted image, record fines that keep going up, and large claims for damages – the consequences of compliance violations can be wide-ranging. Where our clients are suspected of violating compliance laws, we stand side-by-side with them and provide them with the legal support they need. We help with internal investigations, and are renowned for our strong showing in court proceedings and for our experience in dealing with antitrust and criminal authorities. We develop and optimise tailored compliance programmes to help companies avoid falling foul of the relevant authorities in the first place, as well as to minimise their risk of fines. In this connection, clients benefit from our full-service compliance practice, which brings together the knowledge and experience of lawyers from different areas of the law, including antitrust, criminal, employment, data protection, and corporate law.

Compliance programmes

We work closely with our clients to develop compliance programmes that fit their specific needs. We then help them implement these programmes in-house. We start by identifying the risks particular to their company. We then provide support with setting up the necessary compliance structures. We also implement systems to monitor compliance in the company’s day-to-day activities.


The success of compliance programmes rests on the behaviour of all employees. In face-to-face seminars and online training sessions, we make employees fit for the task and deepen their understanding of the various aspects of compliance. Gleiss Lutz has developed a practical and easy-to-use multilingual e-learning tool with a focus on antitrust law. This prepares employees for situations they may encounter in the course of their work.

Internal investigations

To identify weak spots and flaws in corporate structures or existing compliance systems, we offer screenings and audits. These deliver the optimal assessment and minimisation of risks. Using these, we can discover serious infringements and prepare for possible actions. Engaging outside experts has the advantage of guaranteeing that investigations are independent, confidential, and reliable. This facilitates dealings with public authorities, should this prove to be necessary.


In the event of breaches of duty on the part of management, we can advise extensively on the assertion of claims for damages against (former) board members and employees. We can also advise on issues relating to D&O insurance coverage. Moreover, we provide advice on the possibility of self-reporting and of taking advantage of leniency programmes. We have extensive experience in dealing with the antitrust and criminal authorities, as well as with the respective courts. If necessary, we will assist in defending against claims for damages levelled at the company and its management. 

International reach

In cases with a cross-border dimension, we work hand-in-hand with the law firms around the world with which we have established close working relationships. This network of law firms enables us to work with the complex materials relating to compliance and internal investigations as a one-stop-shop.